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Cross-Stitch Patterns of Africa

Some of the most spectacular vistas and travel experiences on the planet are found in Africa. It has been only 4 years since I took my first trip abroad, and as most experienced travelers will advise Americans, it is easier to make the first trips abroad to countries that are similar to the U.S. and Canada.

But once you realize how amazing the planet is, and learn to adjust to different cultures, the continent of Africa should be high on you list if you want to see wildlife or come to understand our planet more completely. My Somalian friend, Abdi, has encouraged us to start our travels in South Africa which has some amazing game reserves and many of the facilities that American travellers expect on their foreign outings. We plan to visit Africa soon--as we buget for travel over the next 5 years, we have made plans to get to South Africa. We hope that political tensions will ease and that we will also be able to visit Victoria Falls, Mt. Kilamanjaro and the other spectacular places on the continent that are currently suffering from conflict.

Until then, we will do what we can to help the people of Africa by urging the IMF and World Bank to give the struggling nations around the planet debt relief and asking you to help if you can, with a contribution to

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