Marie Antoinette's Hamlet at Versailles Palace

Copyright, Linda Colloran 2005 Marie Antoinette's Hamlet Cross-Stitch Pattern

This is one of the charming little buildings erected at Versaille to entertain Marie Antoinette. When we hear of Versailles, we think of the opulent palace built by Louis XIV with its massive gardens and famous hall of mirrors. But tucked away on the 43,000 acres that make up this amazing tribute to the Sun King's ego is a tiny village where the last queen of France pretended that she was a peasant. There is a small barn where animals were kept for her amusement and a half dozen life-size dollhouses where the queen relaxed away from the hubbub of the palace. That Marie Antoinette would use the taxes of a bankrupt nation to build the quaint homes in her Hamlet to pretend to be a peasant may explain why so much anger of the French revolutionaries was focused toward her.

The pattern is approximately 7 inches wide by 6 inches high and suitable for a crafter with some experience.

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