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These patterns with complete color codes are currently available FREE through an email request
The first 5 emails for each pattern will be honored. In exchange, it is requested that you send a photograph of the pattern when it is completed.

Please note that we do not maintain a list of email addresses and do not capture any information about you in providing you the pattern, except that we will contact recipients of the FREE PATTERNS to ask questions about their progress and their experience with the design.

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For Information on Notre Dame and Paris, click here

Notre Dame--Copyright Linda Colloran, 2005

The 11th Century Gothic Cathedral in Paris on the banks of the Seine

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For information on Monteriggioni and Tuscany, click here

Doorway--Copyright Linda Colloran, 2005

A typical doorway in the Tuscan village of Monteriggioni, Italy

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For Information on Versailles, Marie Antoinette's Hamlet and France, click here

Marie Antoinette's Hamlet--Copyright Linda Colloran, 2005

One of the life-size dollhouses built for Marie Antoinette in her little play area known as the Hamlet.

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For Information on Venice, the Grand Canal and Italy, click here

The Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal--Copyright Linda Colloran, 2005

The spectacular arched covered bridge across the Grand Canal of Venice