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Eurfirst Bike Trip in Europe

Revised October 29, 2010

The scenic images from the Tour de France and pictures of European pedaling toward villages inspire many travelers to do a biking holiday of Europe. A well planned itinerary with minimal gear would be a wonderful way to see a region of Europe; professional tour guides can get you to some of the most spectacular places= in Europe by bike. Rent or buy, a two-wheeled ride across Europe would be a grand adventure.

If you are not on a budget, there are many great guided bicycle trips available throughout Europe. These tours typically place you in comfortable hotels every night, shuttle your luggage to the next hotel, and direct you to great sights as you pedal across the country. But if you organize your own trip, you will save thousands.

Popular Places to Bike

  • Austria--a ride along the Danube from Germany to Hungary
  • Belgium, The Netherlands--the low lying countries are easy places to ride, though winds off the North Sea can make pedaling a bit difficult and rain may often be a problem.
  • Denmark--Its easy terrain makes for pleasant cycling holidays
  • France--the classic ride is through the thousands of vineyards in Burgundy; but as the Tour de France attests, there are many great places to ride and steep mountain climbs to challenge the most enthusiastic riders.

Getting a Bike in Europe

The first question you should ask is how much cycking you will do in Europe. If you spend a day on a pedaling to some vineyards in Burgundy, rent a bike near your destination. But if you plan to do a long trip, more than a couple weeks, you may prefer bringing your own bike or making some type of lease arrangement with a bike company.

Bicycle Tour Companies

  • Duvine, trips throughout Europe, averaging about 18 miles per day and providing great food through beautiful regions.