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Revised November 10, 2007

From outward appearances, Norway is a quiet country filled with friendly people. It is rarely recognized as one of the richest countries in the world, with great petroleum and hydroelectric resources. A visit to Norway will give you a new appreciation for their hardy spirit and resourcefulness and allow you to see one of some of Europe's most scenic locations.

Norway is one of the western European countries that did not change their currency to the Euro. So remember that you will need to change to the Krone when you arrive in Norway.

The most popular tourist locations are the capital, Oslo, an expansive city in the south, Bergen, a city on the western coast nestled among the impressive fjords and the Tromse in the Arctic north. Many other vacations enjoy the beauty of the east coast with its memorable Viking history.

Oslo is a sprawling town of roughly 500,000. with great restaurants and night clubs. It is also the home to impressive museums. Oslo is home to many maritmime museums of Oslo showing their mastery of the sea. In the Viking Ship Museum, three ancient ships which were designed to carry royalty to the "other side" as burial ships are on display. The museum also has the riches that were onboard the ships. The KonTiki Museum tells the story of explorer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl who successfully traveled from Peru to Polynesia on a balsa wood raft, the Kon Tiki. The Ra II, which he used to sail from Morocco to the Carribean is also on display as are movies showing the history of the trips on the primitive rafts.. The other major museum that honors the Norwegian relationship with the sea is the Norwegian Maritime Museum which provides information about the Norwegian coast and has an impressive collection of Norwegian Maritime art.

Much like a Viking version of Hawaii's Polynesian Cultural Center, Oslo's Norskfolkemuseum makes it possible to see the many different cultures of Norway in a day. The Norskfolkemuseum has a collection of homes, barns and other building that represent typical construction of the regions of Norway. It also has many actors who create crafts the way they were made hundreds of years ago.

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