Pasta with Truffle Sauce

If you have never tasted truffles, the succulent fungus that is worth more than gold, it should be on the top of your list as you travel through Europe. I have enjoyed delicious meals enriched by the savory flavor of truffles in France, Italy and Slovenia. On our first trip, I first tasted them at a campground restaurant outside Florence and then bought a jar of mushroom and truffle alfredo sauce to top the pasta I cooked at our campground in Venice. Since then, I can think of few flavors I crave more.

If you look carefully in grocery stores in Europe, you'll find sauces that include truffles. We made a special detour to Croatia specifically to pick up truffles as souveniers. While I shared most of the jars I brought home with friends, I looked for a way to stretch our share into as many meals as possible.

Ideally, you will make a white sauce from scratch and add the gourmet gems to the sauce as it warms. But I found that you could simply add two teaspoons of truffle sauce to one jar of Ragu Mushroom Alfredo Sauce. Vegetarians can simply omit the chicken.